Russian Navy Lada class submarine B-585 "Khronstadt" gets underway, 13 May 2022

Russian Navy Baltic Fleet Type 677 Lada class (H02) conventional diesel-electric submarine (SSK) B-585 "Khronstadt" departed Admiralty shipyard during the forenoon, 13 May 2022 for unidentified activity.

T677 B-585 "Khronstadt" seen at Admiralty shipyard
(library picture)

This latest underway period, which is expected to last around 10 days, is likely an INDEX certification cruise which may include onboard system calibration and/or defect rectification coupled with crew proficiency training.  Whilst it could be a further sonar calibration run this is thought to be less likely due to the anticipated duration.  

B-585 "Khronstadt" was last noted active conducting sonar calibration trails in the Gulf of Finland, 4-8 May 2022 and is expected to join the Russian Navy Baltic Fleet mid to late 2022.

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